How to Block Text Messages

Your cell phone just beeped with a new text message and it's from a company that you've never heard of before. It might be from someone who knew the old owner of your number, or more likely, it's spam. In either case you'll want to block the text messages.


1 Call you cell phone service provider and tell them that you want to block text messages from a certain number. Your provider will stop all texts coming from that number.

2 Let your service provider know that you want to turn off text messaging all together if you want to block all texts from coming in. For most cell phone providers, text messaging is an optional service and you can stop it if you want.

3 Reply to an unwanted text from a company or organization with "unsubscribe." If you're getting SPAM texts, this should make it stop.

4 Check out the website of your cell phone provider and look for the option of logging into your account. Most companies allow users to set up preferences in regards to their text messaging, including blocking certain numbers.

5 Change the text message settings on your cell phone. Depending on the model you have, you may be able to block certain numbers just by changing your settings.

Tips & Warnings

*If you block text messaging on another person's cell phone like a child or spouse, make sure you tell them beforehand. Otherwise, they might miss some important information.

*Don't block all your text messages unless you let your friends, family and business contacts know ahead of time. Someone may try to reach you through a text about something important and you could miss it.


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