How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Dating is difficult. Not knowing when a girl likes you can be stressful. Being aware of her interest level can help raise your confidence to ask her on first dates, second ones and more! So to help you gauge this, look for these clues so you can decide if it is time to move forward or cut your losses and move on to the next one.


1 Talk to her. See how she responds. Quick, clipped responses mean she is not interested, but if she gives long answers and asks you questions in response this is a good sign.

2 Notice how she is looking at you. Catching your eye and quickly looking away, shy glances every now and again or consistent eye contact are good signs. Looking around her means she probably wants someone different to talk to.

3 Observe how she is sitting and her body language. If she touches you, or doesn't move away when you accidentally brush up against her she may like you.

4 Detect signs of mimicking. This is an unconscious thing that girls and guys do when they are interested. Good examples are when you take a drink and then so does she, or you sit back in your chair and she follows.

5 Tell amusing stories and see if she laughs, even when you aren't being very funny. This is a good sign.

6 Pay attention to how she reacts when you talk to other girls. Acting jealous, becoming quiet or trying to get close to you are reactions that mean she likes you.

7 Tease her and see if she teases you back. This carryover from grade school works on grown-ups, too!

Tips & Warnings

If a girl is blunt-take her at her word. If she says she likes you, make your next move! If a girl says no, she is not interested-don't dwell.

If you are getting consistent signs that a girl likes you, but she is not making overt moves,make the first move and take it slow. Some girls are shy.

You don't need all of the signs to know if she likes you, but there should be at least two to give you confidence in her response to you.

Shy girls may not talk much, but you will notice them making quick glances your way and smiling.

Girls appreciate confidence, but are not fans of cockiness. Make sure you know the difference.

Do not try too hard. Desperation is not attractive.

Things You'll Need

Attention to detail
Ability to flirt


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