How to Make free Calls to US & Canada from Android Mobiles

When you have free VoIP calls why do you go for international calls on your mobile phone. The free VoIP calls can be now configured on your Android mobile phone to save money.
But there are certain limitations on making those free VoIP calls. In this article we will go through on how to make free calls to United States and Canada using your Android phone.

The services of Google Voice free application by Google for your Android phone allows you to call on your 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi connection based phones to call Canada and US mobile and landlines numbers.

Google Voice – Step by Step Guide on Making & Receiving Free Calls

You have to be registered with Google Voice and so create your Google Voice login for free using your Google Account. In step of creating your account you need to have a USA phone number which the website will verify for the authentication of your Google Voice account.

Once you are done with the verification, log into your account and go to settings.

In the phone tab navigate to the Google Chat and make sure to check it.

Once that setup is done, you need to go to Android Market on your phone and purchase, download and install the Groove IP application. Groove IP is priced at $ 4.99 but during offer sale you can find it at $ 1.99 on Amazon AppStore.

Run the Groove IP on your phone.

As soon as you sign in you will be prompted to enable calling over 3G/4G.

Either in the case where you don’t have calling over 3G/4G enabled or your provider doesn’t allow VoIP, you can make use of Groove IP over Wi-Fi.

Once you have done that you are ready to call any USA or Canada phone for free and receives calls from any number in the world for free.

Now importantly you should make use of the Groove IP’s dialer instead of going with the normal dialer on your phone. The outgoing call history is available at Google Voice but not stored in your local phone.


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