How to Make Money Online for Free

There are a variety of ways to make money online for free. Paid forum posting, writing articles, and referral bonuses are just a few of them. You should never pay a fee to work from home. There are plenty of legitimate companies that allow you to earn money online for free. Usually if there is a fee involved it is a scam. There are details about each of the legitimate work from home methods below to get you started making money online right away.


1 Writing Articles

- There are many websites that will pay you to write articles online. Some pay you based on the number of views, some pay you a percentage of profits from ad clicks, others pay you for the time you put into writing articles. How much you earn depends on your writing abilities, the amount of time invested, and the earning potential of the website for which you are writing. It is difficult to give a per rate, but earnings generally range from nothing to $50.00 per hour.
*Bukisa - Bukisa is relatively new. Because it is new, there is a large earning potential. Besides earning money for your writing, you can earn money by referring other writers. They have a payment method similar to Suite 101 and eHow. You are paid a revenue sharing percentage based on advertisement clicks.
*Helium - Helium also pays writers based on advertisement clicks. Helium is great for new writers, because the editorial process is very lax. That also happens to be the downfall to Helium, as your articles are featured next to other articles that are not always well written.
*eHow - If you have not yet signed up for the eHow writer's compensation program, do so now! eHow pays a percentage of ad revenues and is a great place for new writers to get started. Many new writers are earning a great deal of money through the writer's compensation program here at eHow.
*Demand Studios - If you want to become an eHow editor, you can sign up to write for Demand Studios. You are paid a flat rate of $15 per article. If you are looking to earn money immediately this is a great way to get paid up front. However, if you have faith that your article has an earning potential greater than the flat rate of $15, the eHow writer's compensation program is the way to go.
*Suite 101 - Suite 101 also pays based on advertisement traffic. Suite 101 has a great editorial process and if you are accepted to write for Suite 101, you can learn a lot by writing for them. They do not accept all articles, but the earning potential is very good. Also, anyone wanting to become a better writer can learn a great deal from Suite 101. As a writer for Suite 101, you begin by writing on specific subjects. As you become a more seasoned writer, you are allowed to branch out and cover other areas.
*Textbroker - Textbroker.com requests specific titles to be written. You are paid a flat rate based on your writer ranking. If you want to earn cash up front on your articles, textbroker is a great place to earn quick

2 Paid Forum Posting

- Paid forum posting does not have the earning potential that article writing does, but if you enjoy posting in forums you can earn extra cash easily. Paid posting ranges from less than a penny a post to .35 cents per forum post. There are forums that pay every user a small amount to post. Here are a few forums that pay users a small posting incentive:
There are also services that you can sign up with to fill various forums throughout the internet. The forum posting services pay much more per post! They are hired by new forum owners to fill their forums. Most of the posting is conversation with other "forum fillers." These paid posting services include:
*Ideal Posting
*Forum Angels
*Community Boost
*Posting Direct
*Wired Flame
*Forum Booster
*Paid Posting Tools
Of these the paid posting services, the last four are by far the best.

3 Referral, or sign up, bonuses

- If you enjoy earning money online through a writing service, forum, gaming lounge, etc. many of these websites offer incentives for referrals. You can earn money simply by posting a sign up link on forums, in chat rooms, or email it to friends and family. Referral bonuses are one of the simplest ways to earn passive income online! I currently average $25 per month in passive income from one referral link I posted. I do not spam referrals. I simply posted a link for a job that I enjoy in forums and I've earned consistent money from people who signed up.

4 Surveys

- There are many online survey companies such as Cash Crate and Inbox Dollars. I personally do not feel these are worth the time and the amount of spam that they create in your mail folder. I have heard that people do earn money, but I am certain there are other methods that create a lot less risk for your computer and the payout is minimal.

5 Guided Search Results

- A fairly new way of making money online is to be paid a fee for providing search results. Below are two examples of a search engine services that will pay you to return search results to users. Sometimes these searches are submitted via text and sometimes they are submitted via the internet.
Two similar ways to earn money to provide search results is with
*Mahalo &
*Organized Wisdom
However, these results are returned for payment in the form of a webpage. These webpages are then accessible on the internet. A little coding experience, or proficiency with internet languages is preferred for Mahalo and Organized Wisdom.

6 Data Entry

- There are legitimate data entry companies online if your typing speed or data entry speed is exceptional. These positions are taken quickly and are difficult to find. However, some of the best known companies for employee work at home data entry operators with little or no formal experience are:
*Mountain West Processing
*Executive Secretaries
*Axion Data Entry.

7 Product Reviews

- You can earn cash by sharing your opinion! If you like to review products, visit:
*Review Stream
These websites pay you a small fee for voicing your opinion on products you have used.


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