How to Write a Teacher Request Letter

Every parent wants his child to have the best education possible and sometimes that means jumping in to make sure your child is placed with a particular teacher. Whether you know the teacher from having children in her class before, like her reputation or just know she'd do a good job with your child, it's worth writing a teacher request letter to the administration. However, it's important to remember that a teacher request letter is about more than just wanting a certain teacher, it's about proving that your child will benefit academically by being in a specific environment.


1 Acknowledge the school's teacher request policy in your letter. Some schools strictly forbid requests, while others prefer parents not to ask for specific teacher, but rather a specific type of teacher. Begin your letter by making reference to the policy. For example: "Though I know this school is not in the habit of granting teacher requests..." or "In keeping with the school's preference of requesting an appropriate educational environment for my child..."

2 Identify yourself, your child, his grade level and current teacher. The principal will be receiving many letters and will need to be able to pull up a recollection of your child, so help him out a little bit. At this time it may be worthwhile to briefly address the positive experience your child has had during the current school year (if you are requesting a similar teacher) or the obstacles he has had to overcome (if you are requesting a different type of teacher).

3 Develop your letter by telling a little bit about in what type of environment your child learns well, what type of discipline or reinforcement she responds to and what type of personality she has and responds to. This is the crux of the letter. Include examples if necessary, and, if you're not allowed to name a specific teacher but have one in mind, here's your opportunity to describe what you like about his classroom and how it matched your child's academic needs.

4 Close your letter with an acknowledgment indicating you understand that in order to create balanced classrooms, not all requests can be granted, but that you hope your child can be accommodated. Provide one or two acceptable alternatives for next year's teacher, just in case.

5 Provide your contact information and encourage the administrator to contact you if he needs any clarification.


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