How to Be Happy When You're Fat

Being overweight does not mean being unhappy or not confident. While it is true that the ideal seems to be the thin models and actresses found in just about any magazine, beauty and confidence can come in all sizes. Feeling sad certainly is not only an issue for people who are overweight. If you are ready to accept your size and live an abundant life, learn how to be happy when you are fat.


1-Set goals for things that are not related to dieting or weight loss. One of the best ways to feel confident, capable and worthy is to make strides in your goals. These goals can be education related, working towards promotions or even writing that first novel. Write down the goals or create a spreadsheet on your computer. Seeing them visually will help you feel motivated to reach those goals. The feeling of happiness will supersede being fat.

2-Get involved in activities. These can be fitness related if, for example, you enjoy tennis or swimming. Being fat does not mean that you cannot participate. Other community activities include joining a book club or volunteer in the community. Let people get to know you and your skills and abilities. It can be tempting to hide when you are fat.

3-Learn to dress to suit your body. This means to dress the body that you have and not the body that you want. Look for overweight people in your life, or family, that are fashionable and ask for tips. Another option is to visit a department store with an extensive plus-size department. Ask for helpin choosing flattering pieces.

4-Build a support system in your life. It is better to have fewer friends that are supportive than having more less-supportive friends. A close network of friends can help you deal with feeling negative about your weight. Friends and family that can make you laugh, and are supportive of you, are ideal.

Tips & Warnings

*If you feel shy, take a friend along with you when getting involved in new activities.
*Get clothing tailored to fit your body perfectly.


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