How to Become Happy When Life Gets Hard

Life's difficulties can seem overwhelming, and you may face times when problems seem encompassing. Hard times can come from a rough time at work, personal struggles, low cash flow or major life changes. Confront these issues but make time for things that uplift you. Along the way, relax, get to know yourself and keep the goal of happiness in mind.


1-Go to a website like Blogger or WordPress and start a free blog. Keep your identity anonymous if you are worried about people in your life reading it and getting the wrong idea from your writing, or if your employer will not appreciate your writing.

2-Blog whenever you feel life's stresses pressing on you, or every time you feel upset about something. Avoid using people's names or identifying your workplace, church or other locations involved. Use your blog to vent about these issues and life's situations that tend to obstruct your happiness.

3-Spend more time with loved ones including your spouse, family or friends. Plan activities that all of you can do together like going to the park, reading a book or relaxing in your living room and watching your favorite movies. The activities needn't be expensive; just focus on the quality time you spend with these people.

4-When sadness results from uncertainty, write down things about you that are true. Include your beliefs and an analysis of why you believe them. Ask yourself what things you enjoy, and admit it if old pastimes have lost their thrill. Additionally, list things you would like to try to do. This may include reading a book you never got around to paging through, studying an unexplored subject that always fascinated you, or trying a fun hobby that you never attempted.

5-Put your new interests into action immediately -- avoid putting them off until next weekend or a few weeks. Sit down with the book you have been meaning to read or start that hobby. Just do it -- and let yourself enjoy it.

Tips & Warnings

*If you still have trouble being happy, seek a therapist.
*If you think about harming yourself or others, seek a therapist immediately.


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